Can I have more than one Guru or Spiritual Guide?

Here, the term ‘Guru’ does not imply that our Spiritual Guide should be Indian, nor does the term ‘Lama’ imply that our Spiritual Guide should be Tibetan. Our Spiritual Guide is any spiritual Teacher who sincerely leads us into spiritual paths by giving correct instructions. Thus our Spiritual Guide can be oriental or western, lay or ordained, male or female. These days, for example, it is quite possible to meet a Spiritual Guide who is a western lay female…

Some Kadampa Lamas gave very useful practical advice concerning relying upon more than one Teacher. They would say that if we wish to rely upon more than one Spiritual Guide we should ensure that they all share the same lineage and view as our principal Spiritual Guide, otherwise the blessings of the latter will soon disappear. (Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Great Treasury of Merit: How to Rely Upon a Spiritual Guidepp. 1, 102, © 1992)

[From Je Tsongkhapa:]

Sung-pu-wa had many gurus and listened to any correct explanation. Thus, when coming from Kham (Khams), he even listed to a lay practitioner explaining the teaching alongside the road. His disciples said that this was an inappropriate way to receive the teachings, to which he replied, “Do not say that. I have received two benefits.”

Geshe Drom-don-ba had few gurus—not more than five. Bo-do-wa and Gom-ba-rin-chen, themselves gurus, discussed which of these two ways was better. They agreed that Drom-don-ba’s way was better in these times when those with untrained minds still see faults in the teacher and lose faith. What they have said seems to be very true. Therefore, you should have few teachers. (The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to EnlightenmentVol. 1, p. 77)